Privacy Policy

We think you're great, you like Little Ears products and that's good enough for us. So, here's how we look after you and your data in return:


If you don't know who 'we' are, 'we're' Little Ears Records Ltd, we trade under the name 'Little Ears Radio' and provide services through our website '' as well as our Apps which are published by Little Ears Records Ltd. We're a UK limited company and a registered data controller.

When we provide our services we use 'Cookies' to follow the crumbs you leave as you trail around our website (then we can get you home whenever you want), and so we collect certain non-personal information such as the type of computer operating system and browser you're using, and the domain name of your internet service provider. This information helps us keep things up to date and working. Actually, our favourite cookies are chocolate brownie biscuits - we'll put the recipe up somewhere... don't eat them all at once!

On our smart device Apps, we work with your App service provider and where you agree, will use your specific information for notifications, location services, camera and of course your audio player and settings.

We find fab stuff and useful services from other companies that we like to share because we think you might be interested in them. As far as we know they provide excellent services, but not everyone's perfect, so after you leave our site please don't blame us if anything goes amiss, it's privacy policies and Ts and Cs all over again. If they're really rubbish please let us know so we don't pass anyone else a duff recommendation. Other companies and contractors work for us, providing all the lovely things you get to enjoy or to tell you about the lovely things. So we will share relevant information and user-data, that might include you, to make sure our services remain fab. We don't like snitches so we ask everyone to keep you secret and not to go blabbing your information to anyone else. Obviously if you use social media services and decide to tell everyone about us, (it's ok you don't have to keep us secret), then we'll happily help you with links into your favourites, then your agreements with those companies will come into affect.

If you sign up for our email communications, well, it's fairly obvious we need to know how to get in touch, so we hang on to your email address, and just to be polite we like to use your name too. If for any reason you want to break it off with us, you can follow the unsubscribe links in our email or reply with 'unsubscribe', we'll miss you, but wish you well!

Just imagine, (we can't), that you were doing something really dodgy and for some bizarre reason your use of our services was somehow relevant to a criminal investigation.. well we'd probably have to tell the authorities about all the lovely soundscapes and services you've been enjoying..

We know you love reading everything we write, and so if you've signed up to any of our communications services we'll let you know if we make a material change to this Privacy Policy. If you have one of our Apps, we'll let you know of Privacy Policy changes in our updates.

If we haven't covered your concerns above, or you want us to remove your personal data from our systems then please email us at