Welcome to the Farm

The soundscape app that lets you listen to the busy farm while you play, craft and make stories.


Perfect for hassle-free play-dates and solo small-world play. Set imagination free with a Little Ears' soundscape. Ideal scene-setting for story-telling and extending concentration for crafts and activities.


Whether it's springtime or harvest come and join the bustle and activity on the farm where the animals need to be fed and watered, exercised and bedded down.

Cheeky sparrows and swallows fly about the farm buildings. Contented cows are moving to the meadow, whilst close by in the farmyard; the chickens peck, pigs snuffle, sheep shuffle and cockerels, well you know how they like to crow?

Featured illustrator

Tom Hubmann


Hours of continuous audio play, even when off-line!

Suitable for all ages

Encourages screen-free creative play

For integrated play try using separate speakers over WiFi or Bluetooth and watch the smiles. There's nothing quite like a farmyard in your playroom!

To hear your Little Ears soundscape check your device is not muted.